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Listing Guidelines

Guidelines for Type

Perhaps one of the most important but lesser-known components of a tour or activity listing is the Type selection. When creating a listing, Leezair (and any good tours/activities platform) will ask you to choose an experience type to best describe the product that you are listing. Options range from activities and single-day tours to multi-day expeditions and events.

We strongly recommend that you select the most appropriate type according to the definitions that are provided at the time of selection.

Why is this important?

Leezair relies heavily on data to create personalized and relevant recommendations for people who visit our website or use our mobile app. Your Type selection is one of the most important pieces of information that our algorithms take into consideration when doing this. Not choosing the right type means that your product may appear in the wrong place, or not at all.  |  Leezair Terms & Conditions  |  Privacy Policy

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