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Listing Guidelines

Guidelines for Title

When potential customers search for experiences, the first thing they see on your listing is the title and a photo of your tour or activity. Together, these 2 components can make or break bookings.

Great titles are those that are effective at distinguishing your tour or activity from others and connecting with customers that you want to attract. Clear and concise titles do this best, as they inform potential customers of what the experience is about at a glance. Use of vivid and inviting titles also tend to attract more attention, so use some descriptive language if you can. If possible, use words that resonate with your target audience.  

Lastly, keep your titles short and sweet because they need to fit within the very small space given to each listing. Most platforms tend to cut off titles that are too long and exceed the space allowed.

We recommend giving your experience a title that: 

  • Has less than 12 words 
  • Concisely and clearly describes the product and the destination/locality
  • Has inviting and vivid language that speaks to the target audience
  • Matches and is relevant to the product
  • Uses title case (capitalise the first letter of each word)
  • Is easily understood by an international audience 

Good vs. Bad Titles

Examples of Good Titles

Blue Mountains Scenic Mountain Bike

“Into the deep” Great Barrier Reef Double Dive

Double Kayak Rental from Manly

Examples of Poor Titles

Mountain Biking

Into the deep

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