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Listing Guidelines

Listing photos is certainly the first thing that potential customers see and in many cases is what leaves a lasting impression.

Leezair allows you to upload as many photos as you would like for each listing. In fact, we generally encourage uploading at least 5 photos because potential customers tend to engage more with listings that have many photos. Take note that Leezair will use the very first photo of the list as the main listing photo (the one that appears in search).

Ultimately, quality trumps quantity so we encourage you to be selective and use your most beautiful photos. Photos of people enjoying the experience you offer is perfect for helping potential customers imagine themselves being part of it and therefore encourage them to book. Photos that are bright, colorful and clear tend to perform a lot better than dull blurry ones. 

It is also important to pay attention to the recommended resolution and orientation requirements because what looks beautiful on your screen may not look as great on the latest mobile phone. For Leezair apps, Full HD (1920 x 1200) landscape photos are the minimum requirement for a photo to look good.

Overall, we recommend providing us with photos that:

  • Are at least 1920 x 1200 pixels in resolution
  • Have a landscape orientation
  • Are bright with natural light, colourful, sharp and clear
  • Show people enjoying the activity
  • Show subjects that are relevant to the experience
  • Do not contain any text, logos or watermarks

Guidelines for Photos

Need a tool to help resize photos?

We recommend Canva for resizing photos - it is easy to use and free!

Example of a photo of people enjoying

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