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Listing Guidelines

Guidelines for Categories

Categories are very important as they will guide our users / travellers to search and find relevant experiences. Our categories will be displayed through tags and we have hundreds of them. You can always create your own category (if new) but it will go through a validation process before going live. The categories will be also used to power our recommendations, indeed we learn from our users and they can share their preferences, interests or even one day their mood with us. 

This doesn’t mean you should simply add all categories to be found and recommended everywhere. We actually recommend 3 or 4 categories maximum to be relevant. Most of the time the category/categories is/are very obvious for the provider. 

Once you’ve categorized the experience, you could think about a theme/genre above. 

For example: Skydiving, Outdoor activity, Extreme/Adrenaline

We definitely advise against creating new words or categories no one will think about.


For the category selection, we recommend that:

  • You use an existing one
  • You check on Google trending categories for your Experience
  • Is not a new work, a brand or a name
  • Does not contain any formatting or symbols  |  Leezair Terms & Conditions  |  Privacy Policy

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