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At Leezair we believe you shouldn't manage your availabilities and listings across different systems and interfaces. It's a waste of time for Tours & Activities suppliers and we are doing our best to improve this with our partners.

(1) IF you have an existing booking system, no worries! We will integrate with it directly so we could retrieve your availabilities, maybe product details (if good enough) and send bookings to the interface you are used to. Note: If the implementation is still in progress you can just go live with "request to book" and temporarily list your availabilities with us. 

(2) IF you don't have a reservation system, we get you covered as we provide one for FREE. You can easily manage your listings, availabilities, bookings, customers and payments. 

Booking systems connected & partners

Leezair is directly connected to hundreds of Booking systems, PMS, channel managers, GDS and partners sharing our Vision in the Tours & Activities market. Via API we retrieve availabilities and send bookings. If systems allows it, we can also retrieve product details but the quality will have to match our guidelines so you could get the best online conversion rate for your experiences. 

See our help section for each reservation system support here.

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